SIBEL the only Belgian manufacturer of surgical instruments
Rue du Gaillard, 5 B-5030 GEMBLOUX

+32 81 450.459

Opening Hours: 09.00am – 17.00pm

The leading producer of instrumentation for image guiding surgeries

Our facility has a total surface of 750m². Starting from our own designed forging tools, our artisans are manufacturing the finest instruments in Titanium.

Our workshop is built in four cells :

  1. The miling cell
  2. The grinding and polishing cell
  3. The assembling cell
  4. And the cleaning and the quality control cell

Our machinery equipment consists of more than 50 specifics machines including CNC milling and turning machines. All our Titanium intruments are produced in our facility, giving us a better control of the total process.

Titanium avantages

Titanium is a metal commonly found in nature but very difficult to process. The use of this material is a spin-off from the space-age programs. Titanium used in for our instruments is the finest alloy of titanium, aluminium and vanadium. Titanium is also used in the medical field for implants because of his bio-compatibility

Titanium products

SIBEL produces many varieties of instruments : micro-scissors, Potts scissors, clamping forceps, retractors, and many more…