SIBEL the only Belgian manufacturer of surgical instruments
Rue du Gaillard, 5 B-5030 GEMBLOUX

+32 81 450.459

Opening Hours: 09.00am – 17.00pm


Sibel is proud to be the leading producer of Titanium intrumentation for image guilding surgeries.


Titanium is a metal commonly found in nature but difficult to process. The use of this material is a spin-off from the space-age programs. Titanium is also used in the medical field for his bio-compatibility.

Why titanium ?

Titanium is 45% lighter than stainless steel. He's non magnetic and flexible compared to than stainless steel. Titanium has a high resistance to corrosion and he's more comfortable for all surgeries


All our titanium intruments are lifetime guaranteed against defect in material or workmanship, assuming normal use. SIBEL has been assessed in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 13485