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Welcome to SIBEL

The origins of the company are very old and bound up with the personality of a native guild cutler from Gembloux (Belgium) named Dieudonné SIMAL. Born in 1852, Dieudonné SIMAL went to settle in Paris in 1879, where he acquired a business close to the Faculty of Medicine. This advantageous position and his craftsmanship rapidly gained him an important clientele of French surgeons and enabled him to set up a workshop for the manufacture of surgical instruments in Gembloux, producing exclusively for France.

After the First World War, the expansion of business led to the need to seek new investors to rationalize the widely dispersed production. Thus was born the Manufacture Belge de Gembloux, incorporated in 1923. The experience and fame acquired by the company all over the years as a manufacturer of surgical instruments, resulted in the creation of SIMAL S.A. in 1993.

In 2001, the company SIMAL has been completely destroyed by fire.
Willing to restart the production of titanium instruments, Olivier Rouvez, former General Manager of SIMAL, creates his own new company, employing former collaborators of SIMAL. SIBEL (Surgical Instruments Belgium S.A.) has been incorporated in 2002. Each SIBEL instrument is handcrafted by skilled artisans using the world’s finest titanium alloy and stainless steel to ensure strength, durability and reliability.

Titanium products

SIBEL produces many varieties of instruments : micro-scissors, Potts scissors, clamping forceps, retractors, and many more…


Our mission

With over 80 years of experience as instrument craftsmen, we are pleased to bring you in our internet site, continuing in the tradition of excellence for which we are known the world over. Every effort has been made in this site to give you a clear and reliable description of all our SIBEL quality products in titanium.

Our professionalism is linked not only to the excellent qualifications of our workforce and the advanced technology we use but also to the close contacts we have always had with the medical profession.

SIBEL is the only Belgian manufacturer of surgical instruments and one of the few ones in the world that develops its own tools for the stamping and the cutting of the forgings, which is the base of producing high value products.

The constant evolution of surgical procedures creates new possibilities for the company. New techniques will be found. They will require a lot of dynamism from SIBEL that intends to enter the new century as one of the leading companies in high quality titanium instruments and developments.

Sibel is proud to be the leading producer of instrumentation for image guiding surgeries.