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Why titanium for surgical instruments ?

45% lighter than stainless steel
 Makes the surgeon’s work more comfortable, mainly in case of surgeries

 Requesting a high degree of precision

 Lasting long

 Reduces the trauma mainly in

 Paediatric and premature surgery

 Vascular surgery

Twice as flexible compared to stainless steel
 Gives the surgeon a more delicate, more precise and sensitive feel

 Better control on pressure : titanium clamp is less traumatic

 More comfort for the surgeon

 Increases the instrument’s life

 Titanium has a better “memory” than stainless steel

 Intruments come back to their original shape longer

 Despite his flexibility, titanium is stronger and more durable than stainless steel

High resistance to corrosion
 The instruments last more

 Rust is one of the first factor leading to breakage of stainless steel instruments

 The titanium instruments may be sterilized with, and as stainless steel instruments

Non magnetic
 Main interest in use of needle holder

 The needle does not stick

 Magnetic resonance imaging

 Very low artefact