What is Titanium ?

  • Titanium is a metal commonly found in nature but very difficult to process
  • The use of this material is a spin-off from the space-age programs
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  • Titanium used in for our instruments is the finest alloy of titanium, aluminium and vanadium : TA6V4
  • Titanium is also used in the medical field for implants because of his bio-compatibility

Our new titanium catalogue contains a unique range of instruments mainly oriented towards micro, cardio-vascular, pediatric procedures and image guided surgeries (IGS)

SIBEL is proud to be the leading producer of IGS instrumentation.

As you can see throughout this catalogue, SIBEL is committed to INNOVATION. If we can assist you in further definition of a concept to meet your particular requirements or to develop an idea you would like to share, please let us know.